A leading supplier of electrical control solutions based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd have 20 years experience. In this time our engineering staff have accrued a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the electrical contracting industry.

Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire with this nationally central location, we're able serve clients nationwide.

Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd is committed to providing their clients with the best product and service available. Our staff are continually trained, both through formal qualifications and actual work experience, to ensure good working practices, quality assurance, accommodation of client-focused budgets and timescales and the forging of strong professional relationships.

How can we help?

Hardware Design

From initial client consultations, through to design approvals, Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd have a vast wealth of knowledge, experience and ability to design your electrical control system.

We can prepare Functional Design Specifications (FDS), Hardware Design Specifications (HDS), or if you already have these then we can work from those to design a control system that is best suited to your requirements, drawing experience from a range of engineering disciplines.

Following industry standards closely, such as BS EN 61439-2 - Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies and BS EN 60204-1 - Safety of Machinery. Electrical Equipment of Machines. General Requirements, Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd can design your control system using the latest technologies and to the strictest standards. We can design systems to your specification or if required, we can offer our expertise to guide you and supply you with the best possible solution.
If your application involves hazardous areas or safety critical systems, we have the experience and knowledge to cater for this.

Electrical control panel manufacture

At Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd, all control panel build is done in-house, ensuring that the best manufacturing practices are adhered to.

Our experienced staff are able to produce top quality control panels, fully tested prior to delivery and within agreed timescales. We use only top quality, time-proven components; from cable ducting fixings through to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Variable Speed Drives (VFD). Although we are very competitive on price, we never scrimp on engineering quality.

We have 20 years experience in building electrical control panels, and are proud in the craftsmanship and skill that goes into each and every one that we supply. Our comprehensive test procedure ensures that control panels are built to the design drawings and meet any customer specific requirements.

Depending on your requirements, we are able to offer Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and commissioning, or can just deliver the completed control panel to you for your own installation.

Enclosures can be off-the-shelf types such as Rittal and Eldon, or we can offer bespoke purpose-built enclosures, such as those that would be adopted for Form 4 suites, for example.

We can supply a simple junction box, a wall-mounted control panel with relay logic through to a floor standing enclosure containing PLC equipment, inverter drives and networking components.

Software Design
We are able to offer PLC programming for all the main PLC types (eg Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider).

We can create spectacular looking screens to control your process and to display useful data. Alternatively, if you already have a theme which you use as a standard, we can create screens to your exact requirements.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) design

Our engineers are experienced in producing HMI screens for a variety of applications. We can create spectacular looking screens to control your process and to display useful data.

Increasingly devices such as Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Variable Speed Drives (VFD) communicate over a network and this is something that Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd can accommodate.

CAD drawing

We produce our own Computer Aided Design electrical drawings. These are supplied with every control panel that we build.

Alternatively, if you already have a design for your control system and CAD drawings, we can work from those or we could just provide you with a CAD drawing service only. We use the latest drawing software to produce our schematics and all drawings are available to you on physical media and electronically, in your preferred format.

Process control

Commercial competitiveness is often achieved with automation and process control.

Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd can offer solutions to suit your requirements. We can design and implement PLC and SCADA control systems to work hand-in-hand with your manufacturing process.


We have a vast network of suppliers for instrumentation that has been gained from 20 years of working within the industry.

From a simple limit switch to a NAMUR sensor through to a chart recorder, Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd can supply the right product for your requirement. We can assist and advise in your selection of a sensor / instrument or just supply one if you already have a part in mind.

Atex Certified Control Systems

We can also design and manufacture a range of ATEX control panels. These panels are certified for use across a range of sectors and equipped to operate safely in hazardous areas. These range from stainless steel to explosion proof cast iron enclosures.

Recent Projects

175kw Hydro Station

Hydroelectric power is the generation of electricity from the energy given up by water as it falls. So wherever there is falling water it should be possible, in theory, to generate electricity.

Hydropower systems can be used in isolation from the national grid, for example to provide electricity where the only other alternative is a diesel generator. But more usually, a scheme will be set up to run alongside the national grid so that surplus power can be sold to others and so that there is a backup when there is not enough water for the turbine (in dry weather spells). Even when a hydro system is grid connected, it is still possible to use the electricity generated on site for the home or business that it is attached to.

5 Station Pre-Fuse Machine

The pre-fuse station is designed to pre-fuse a mat onto a saddle so as to reduce the possibilities of contamination compromising the joint.

The branch saddle is clamped onto a coated forming block and current is passed through it for a set time, the fitting is then left to cool for a pre-set amount of time before it is allowed to be unclamped.

Progress Electrical Control Solutions Ltd use, amongst others, the following switchgear and controlgear manufacturers:

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